Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I need a vacation right now.
I need pantai, laut, ombak & angin sepoi2.

I want a chalet yg betol2 tepi pantai.
Pagi2 bangun boleh duduk tepi pantai.
Tgk laut..dgr ombak..rase angin.
Rase tenang je.. :]

I'm happy with my life right now.
Sooooo happy.
It's just that..hmm...

Kadang2 the more we hate something, the more we become just like it.
So pethetic isn't it?

I need some times & spaces.
I need to figure something out.
I need to figure myself out.

*konflik dalam diri*

Friday, November 25, 2011

second chance.


Everybody deserve a second chance,
but not everyone gets it.
So when u got one, don't screw it!

People do make mistakes,
but they never make the same mistake twice
because the 2nd one is a choice!
So, the moment u're considering on redoing the mistake,
take a deep breath and think again,
What have u been through on ur way to reach where u are right now!!!??

When u're asking Allah for strength,
He won't give u 'the strength',
instead He'll give u the obstacles to make u stronger!

When u just got ur second chance and u're about to make the same mistake for the second time, please consider urself lucky 4 realizing that Allah is 'triggering' ur strenght!

 And feel free to call urself a total idiot if u fell into the 'trap', again! 


Sunday, November 20, 2011

rahsia kita berdua ;]

Tiap kali awk buat saye tersenyum, saye teringin sgt nk jerit bg satu dunia tau ape benda yg awk wt kt saye sampai saye xleh berenti senyum! :D

Saye bukan nak show off, tapi just nak express betape seronok n special nye saye rase mase tu :]

Lagipon, kan blog saye ni ruang untuk hati saye berkata-kata? ;]

Tapi, bila fikir2 balik..xpelah awk. Biar ape yg jadi between both of us become our little secret, k? :]

Those yg knal saye sure tau how much I love talking psl org yg saye suke. Apetah lagi psl org yg saye sayang :]

Tapi, psl awk biarlah saye simpan sorang2 :] If sume benda psl kite saye nak share gn sume org, what's left for us, kan? ;]

Sure org akan ckp "poyo gile nak cerita2 or sorok2 psl bf ko?ko ingat org nk hadap sgt ke tau psl korg?korg igt korg retisss?" hehe.. ;p

I've watched enough n I've learnt. The more we expose ourselves or our relationship 2 d public 4 whatever reason, makin byk risiko yg kite kne hadap. Nak2 pulak bila ade juri-juri yg xbpe nk profesional baek hati nak judge psl kite n relationship kite ;]

Lain org lain personaliti. Lain org lain cara pembawakan diri. Sebab tu lain org lain cara bercinta n lain cara dia handle relationship. So, people have no right no decide how should we live our life b'cuz they ain't feel our pain, aite? ;]

Recently, I did watched this one video made by this one famous blogger. In that video, he did expressed his disapproval on some lovey-dovey-not-making-sense love songs. Something like 'akan ku redah lautan api' kinda song lahh ;p But as for me, that song is made for those who are in love. Org tgh bercinta sronok2, xkan nak dgr lagu sedih2, ye x? Org tgh mabuk2 cinta xkan nak dgr lagu psl bf/gf curang, ye x? it's killing the mood man! Mcm org tgh mkn raspberry cotton candy lah, xkan nak rase peria kot, kan? ;p

But I believe that blogger has his own point of view and reason 4 saying that. Same goes to people who are in love and decided to be in love lah. They know it's risky but they just do it anyway ;]

And sure de gak org akan ckp "Eleh..tgh syok bercinta boleh lah ckp u're my everything lah, I cannot live w/o u lah. Try tgk time gado2 or break nanti? Berbakul2 ko kutuk dia ko maki2 dia. Ye x?"

Yes, indeed. No denial ;] And missy, it's called 'enjoying the moment'. Kite ckp ape yg kite rase time tu. Dia buat kita happy, xkan nak marah2 lak? And if dia buat taik kt kite, xkan nak puji2 lak, ye x? ;] What for nak hold things back? Life is short. Selagi kite boleh rase happy, please enjoying d moment sbb kita xkan tau bila lak kite nk nangis, kan? ;]

Cuma, if kite rase kite x comfortable nak share everything with everyone even atas dasar 'expressing our feeling', cukuplah kite keep it to ourselves sbb lumrah manusia, they are very judgmental ;]


Thursday, November 10, 2011

. Forgive & Forget . Revenge & Regret .

"I'm a girl. But when screw things up, I take it like a man! But you are dude lah weyh. Don't you have a sense of responsibility towards your own mistake? C'mon lah?
Go cut your balls off lah weyh!"

Forgive & forget?
Macam xpuas je? Revenge sounds far more interesting, isn't it? But sooner or later confirm akan regret! Bukan xsampai hati. Risau benda akan jd lg meleret. Makin ramai org yg akan terheret. Infact, ASSHOLE like you buang karan je maki hamun.

So, no need for revenge lah.

And there's a quote i read somewhere on net, saying;

Just sit back & wait.
Those who hurt you
will eventually screw up THEMSELVES!
And if you're lucky enough,
God will let you WATCH

naisssssssss! ^ ^

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I've redeemed what's mine.

Disebalik segulung ijazah terungkap seribu satu cerita.

The laughters & the tears,

The happiness & the sadness,

The joy & the pain,

The lovers & the haters,

So the praises & the curses.

Obviously,the journey has never been easy.

One thing for sure, He 'gave' me all the AMAZING PEOPLE around me to keep me company during my jatoh bangun. Those people is either be there 2 support me or 2 'drag', that make me stronger than ever!


And ALHAMDULILLAH, Thank You ALLAH for always always always convince me that I should NEVER EVER gave up on You.

Thank You.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

wheel of life.

Alhamdulillah.. :]

For the past 8 months my life could never been any happier.

I have great friends around me.

I have super awesome boyfriend by my side.

I have incredible family with me.

I went to all 3 job interviews and I got accepted to all of them! :D

It looks like the luck is on my side this time n at this moment I'm at the top of the wheel of life.


But let's do some reality check, shall we?

Obviously there's up n down in life.

After all the struggles that I'd been through especially for the past 3 years, the sweetness that I'm having right now is so INCREDIBLY AWESOME! :D

Somehow it's like too good to be true :]

I'm so grateful with what I have right now. Totally grateful!

But i did heard and read somewhere on this one hadith that says something like "When Allah gives us almost everything, it means He's being cruel to us because people tend to ignore Him whenever they feel too comfortable n surrounded by too many happiness."

Auchh... :( That's a wake up call from this beautiful dream I guess? Belum terambat lagi kot kan? :(

Another thing..

It's not like I'm asking for it but sometimes I wonder when would I FALL again?

Based on my previous experience with my very own life, whenever I fall I'll fall HARD.

Honestly, I can't imagine myself being in that same situation again. I really can't.

I'm afraid that the next time I'll fall I won't be able to get up anymore. Seriously.

Back then I used to do some stuff that I'm totally not proud of.

And I'm afraid that KARMA would hit me anytime soon.

Everyone knows when 'SHE' hits u, she'll hit u HARD cause KARMA is a real Y'KNOW WHAT!

I'm not so sure whether I've prepared myself to fall again or not. I don't know.

I wish I don't have to go through the same phase of life anymore.

But hey, we're talking about the REALITY OF LIFE here, aren't we?

Sooner or later THE REALITY would stop by and says hello.

And during that time it's obvious that the wheel of life has turn upside down and I would no longer be at the top of it I guess. Auchhh... :(

I definitely can't avoid it to happen but all i can do is to 'STAY ALIVE'.

I hope during that moment Allah would give THE MOST POWERFUL STRENGTH He could ever gave me for me to be able to survive all the difficulties and hurdles, AGAIN.

I know that I'm not that good enough as His servant to ask for things like that :(

But I'm still hoping that Allah would hear my pray.

I'm still struggling to be a good servant of Him. Long way to go but I'm still trying.

For now I'll try my best to cherish every single things that's happening in my life right now and just be prepared mentally+emotionally+physically on what may come afterwards.

With everything that I have right now, I hope I can find the balance in them.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

changes is good if it's a good change.

a girl is just being a girl when she concerns too much on 'benda2 remeh',

meanwhile, a guy is just being a guy when he ignores the 'remeh-temeh' stuff.

and the mixture of both situations would lead 2 a perfect battlefield if both parties or enough 4 just 1 side 2 do some 'exaggeration' on that matter.

2 avoid the 'exaggeration', a person must be perfectly stable, emotionally.

anger management plays crucial role in this particular situation.

n of course it is not an easy thing 2 do, but it's worth trying 4 the sake of ur relationship.

i always said this to my friends;
"pemahaman n penerimaan are 2 different things"
sometimes u really understand the fact of the things that happen but it's a little difficult 4 u 2 accept because it could be against ur principle n stuff.
but 2 make a relationship works, tolerance is required.

so 2 stop the madness, take some times 2 cool down.
as much times as u need.
excuse urself from ur partner so that u won't spit words that shouldn't be spitted.
use the time wisely 2 reduce the anger.
talk 2 ur friends.
or if they are not available, go Google some facts on men and women.
because facts would bring u back 2 ur senses.
and it would make u realize both of u are just being who we are.
a man n a woman.
a guy n a girl.

we are just human being that never slipped from doing mistakes.
but we must learn from every single mistakes that we did.
we need a lot of guidances and practices in order 2 become a better person n a better partner.
n life is all about learning process.

but sometimes i wonder,
when we are compromising or do some tolerance in our relationship,
does that mean we are not being who we are?
because in doing that we need 2 sacrifice some of our principles or norms or wutever.
we need 2 change!??
but when i think again all of the process is 4 the sake of making each other comfortable n happy.

changes is good if it's a good change.

n 1 thing 4 sure, nobody's perfect!
they are is who they are.
but b4 u wanna go out there n look 4 somebody perfect,
feel please 2 spend some times analyzing the 'perfection' in urself.
savvy? ;]

p/s;all the talking is from observation, reading, experiences, n stories.i'm here 2 share n learn.


hati TAK berkata-kata

omg!it has been a while,isn't it? ;D

dah lame 'hati TAK berkata-kata'..hehe!

actually, there's so much stuff that i would like 2 share,

yet the aura of laziness is all over me..huhu!

but right now i feel like writing. so let's begin? ;]

1st thing 1st; CAREER TALK.
i'm on my practical training for 3 n a half month.
i'm majoring in PUBLIC RELATIONS but basically right now i'm doing almost everything, such as news writing, publishing, event management, administration thingy, n all that.
but from what i can see what i'm doing is more on JOURNALISM.
still, i'm having fun doing my internship over there! :D
the people are quite nice n fun (so far).
n it's probably less pressure compare 2 private company (mine is semi-gov),
still, i'm trying my very best 2 gain as much experience as possible ;]
but the question is;is JOURNALISM really suits me?how bout PR?can i really keep up with the chaos of the job n my family n my life?
i wonder....

since i'm in the middle of 1 rite now it becomes one of my biggest concern.
we both are not that far far away from each other.
i'm in Bangi while he's in Seremban.
but we rarely meet because of transportation+financial+family commitments constrains.
it's quite a struggle y'know?
in any relationship especially a long distance require lots n lots n lots of TRUST!
u'll definitely failed if u lack of it!
because u only have him 2 tell u everything,whether truth or lie.
besides that, from most of my reading on this matter, they keep on mentioning on CONSTANT COMMUNICATION and VARIATION OF INTERACTION.
n 1 thing 4 sure,DON'T DON'T n DON'T EVER ASSUME!
a friend of mine once said 2 me "setan kan suke jentik hati kite."
"but we always have ALLAH on our side." :]
in everything we do let's just try our very best because ALLAH MAHA ADIL n MAHA MENGETAHUI.
if our partner or could be ourselves are doing 'something' on the side,
eventually the truth will come out, INSYALLAH.. :]

2 be honest,
me myself are still struggling 2 handle my relationship with my bf.
because; I AM A MESS!
i got few issues with myself that i MUST counter them quick!
n it's quite a challenge 4 him 2 deal with me.
so i'm so hoping that he could hang tough while i'm trying.
please eh,sayang? ;]

well,i think that's all 4 now.
or else this entry won't reach an end.hehe!
until then! ;]