Saturday, February 19, 2011

changes is good if it's a good change.

a girl is just being a girl when she concerns too much on 'benda2 remeh',

meanwhile, a guy is just being a guy when he ignores the 'remeh-temeh' stuff.

and the mixture of both situations would lead 2 a perfect battlefield if both parties or enough 4 just 1 side 2 do some 'exaggeration' on that matter.

2 avoid the 'exaggeration', a person must be perfectly stable, emotionally.

anger management plays crucial role in this particular situation.

n of course it is not an easy thing 2 do, but it's worth trying 4 the sake of ur relationship.

i always said this to my friends;
"pemahaman n penerimaan are 2 different things"
sometimes u really understand the fact of the things that happen but it's a little difficult 4 u 2 accept because it could be against ur principle n stuff.
but 2 make a relationship works, tolerance is required.

so 2 stop the madness, take some times 2 cool down.
as much times as u need.
excuse urself from ur partner so that u won't spit words that shouldn't be spitted.
use the time wisely 2 reduce the anger.
talk 2 ur friends.
or if they are not available, go Google some facts on men and women.
because facts would bring u back 2 ur senses.
and it would make u realize both of u are just being who we are.
a man n a woman.
a guy n a girl.

we are just human being that never slipped from doing mistakes.
but we must learn from every single mistakes that we did.
we need a lot of guidances and practices in order 2 become a better person n a better partner.
n life is all about learning process.

but sometimes i wonder,
when we are compromising or do some tolerance in our relationship,
does that mean we are not being who we are?
because in doing that we need 2 sacrifice some of our principles or norms or wutever.
we need 2 change!??
but when i think again all of the process is 4 the sake of making each other comfortable n happy.

changes is good if it's a good change.

n 1 thing 4 sure, nobody's perfect!
they are is who they are.
but b4 u wanna go out there n look 4 somebody perfect,
feel please 2 spend some times analyzing the 'perfection' in urself.
savvy? ;]

p/s;all the talking is from observation, reading, experiences, n stories.i'm here 2 share n learn.


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