Thursday, December 31, 2009

i'm wondering;
wif everythin dat i'd been thru along dis year of 2009,
will i b able 2 survive on 2010?

well..we'll see.
cuz lessons learn.. =]

as i've been told;
i'm a lot stronger than i think i am.
so..we'll see about dat.. ;]

people keep on mentioning about new 'azam' n everythin.
as 4 me..i juz want 2 b a better me in every ways.

i have a great family!
i have awesome fwens!
i'm on ma way 2 become sum1 dat i love 2 b d'most;PR! life should b great rite?
i should b thankful 4 dat.

but ma love life?
so far not as pretty as i hope i would b..huhu~
but dis year i'm planning on focusing only on ma studies.
i screwed up big tym!
i mean both ma studies n ma love life.
so i think it's better 4 me 2 commit only wif one of them.

i'm not give it up.
it's juz dat i need a break.
let d'wounds cure 1st b4 i get d'new one..huhu~

some said dat "miracle happens when we least expected."
some said dat "love happens when we least expected."
which means love equals 2 miracle.
so let's juz wait 4 d'miracle 2 happen k? =]

d'other day there's sum1 said sumthin dat makes ma self-esteem going straight 2 d'drain!
but d'truth is ugly..isn't it?
there's a lot of 'muhasabah diri' dat i need 2 do.
i used 2 read dis one article about motivational n stuff.
it says;
"dun b lazy 2 change if dat changes are good 4 u."
so..let's do some 'modification' 2 dis Suhadanuar..k? =]

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone~
May Allah brings more n more joys n blesses 2 our lives~


Thursday, December 3, 2009

d'game of ma life.

frankly..there's some part of ma life dat i don't really get it.

i'm not really sure d'pattern of d 'game' dat Allah puts me in.

i wish i know but i really don't.

is He putting ma capabilities on a test?

cuz when it comes 2 certain capability of mine i bet He already knows me well.

or is He trying 2 expand dat particular capability?

ya Allah..i really don't know..

Dear God,
may i request 4 a lifesaver rite now?
cuz i'm scared 2 death dat i might drown in dat deep blue ocean.
i really am.