Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I need a vacation right now.
I need pantai, laut, ombak & angin sepoi2.

I want a chalet yg betol2 tepi pantai.
Pagi2 bangun boleh duduk tepi pantai.
Tgk laut..dgr ombak..rase angin.
Rase tenang je.. :]

I'm happy with my life right now.
Sooooo happy.
It's just that..hmm...

Kadang2 the more we hate something, the more we become just like it.
So pethetic isn't it?

I need some times & spaces.
I need to figure something out.
I need to figure myself out.

*konflik dalam diri*


  1. try Mesra Chalet pangkalan balak... 150 dari arah pantai. bukak pintu pantai terus adik....

  2. yup!been there with my friends for new year 2009.cool gle tmpt 2 kn?hehe.i should reconsider on going there again,maybe?well,thank you! ;D