Friday, November 25, 2011

second chance.


Everybody deserve a second chance,
but not everyone gets it.
So when u got one, don't screw it!

People do make mistakes,
but they never make the same mistake twice
because the 2nd one is a choice!
So, the moment u're considering on redoing the mistake,
take a deep breath and think again,
What have u been through on ur way to reach where u are right now!!!??

When u're asking Allah for strength,
He won't give u 'the strength',
instead He'll give u the obstacles to make u stronger!

When u just got ur second chance and u're about to make the same mistake for the second time, please consider urself lucky 4 realizing that Allah is 'triggering' ur strenght!

 And feel free to call urself a total idiot if u fell into the 'trap', again! 


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