Thursday, November 4, 2010

hey,where r u hiding all these while,eh? :]

i met dis one great guy named Raja Mohd Zuhri :]

how he makes me feel is the reason why i'm in love wif him.deeply :]

honestly, i'm worried on how things would go.

but hey,

jgn wisau ar.i kan kuat! ;]

from d'30th September until today i still feel dat dis guy is too good 2 b true.

he doesn't have everything dat i want.

but he has everything dat i need :]

d'funniest thing is we have so much things in common,
but when it comes 2 our differences, we both r far far far away from liking it..huhu..
but hey..there's always a price 2 pay, rite? ;]

i know it is still 2 soon 4 me 2 say anythin.

but i want 2 cherish every single moments dat i'm spending wif him.

i always know there will always be obstacles dat i'm going 2 face sooner or later b'cuz dat is d'rules of life rite?

but i'll do everything i could 2 make dis realtionship works. n d'rest of it, i'll leave it 2 Him 2 decide.

ya Allah, if You really makes dis guy 4 me, plz gives me strength and courage 2 face anythin dat may come. plz fill his heart wif my love n care. plz do wut's best 4 us both. plz fill our relationship wif full of bless from You b'cuz i love dis person named Raja Mohd Zuhri very very very much. n i really really really hope dat he is d'one.

Amin... :]