Tuesday, May 26, 2009

dh lupe rase bercinta [ii]

perlu ke ade si dia juz nk wt kowg rse lik all those feelings?

perlu ke ade si dia juz 2 make sure dat kowg x rse lonely dh?

a fwen of mine once said 2 me;
"single is simple couple create troubles"

but as 4 me;
kowg single ke kowg couple ke still de prob masing2..kn?
yg beza nye..
ble kowg couple kowg nk kne pk psl 2 hati.
ble kowg single kowg juz need 2 pk psl ati kowg jew..tp..yeke?
wut if dat prob involve owg len gk?
xkn kowg still pk ati kowg jew kot kn?
prob 2..prob.. ;]

a good fwen of mine once told me dat;
if kowg single prob yg kowg ade is loneliness.
n dun lie 2 urself dat dat matter doesnt bother u at all~
if kowg couple lak prob yg kowg ade obviously related 2 ur partner.
jelousy+comitment+money+misscommunication n stuff.
so mcm xde makne jew if xnk de prob xyah couple..kn?
tp if by couple contribute more pain than happiness..u know wut 2 do
(a quote from a good fwen) =]

wut i usually hear is;
"to love is to let go"

but recently i heard new one;
"to love is to haunt"

it's probably sumthin like "fight utk yg t'syg"
isn't it? =]

there r certain rules in dat battle which i can relate 2 dis one quote from a dear fwen of mine;
"in life juz do wuteva u wanna do as long as it cause u no harm or killing u."

so in certain cases u juz need 2 b silent.

bcuz in certain thing;
"the less u mention the better"

bcuz pe yg kowg ckp o kowg confess may harm other ppl o even u ursef.

there is a saying;
"juz do wuteva u feel right"

pe yg kowg rse btol probably owg len xrse bnd yg same.
some ppl they dun give a shit pe owg len nk kate,
as long as pe yg kowg wt 2 cause no pain 2 any1,
juz tutop mate n do it!
tp kdg2 rse b'salah kt diri sndri sbb wt bnd yg slh agi twok rse die dr rse b'salah kt owg len sbb kslhn yg kte wt.

d'storylines of our lives have no ending.
unless u die.
juz go thru wif dis unpredictable life.
d'pain..d'joy..they will never end..
it's juz us yg probably getting mature everyday..
it's juz us yg probably akan timbul rse kesedaran dlm diri 2 make things better..
a fwen of mine used 2 claim dat dr dlu smpai skrg he is completely d'same person.
but i said 2 him..no..u're not bcuz d'maturity yg change u..either 2 b better o worse.
same goes when it comes 2 love.
few years back u were probably a jerk who screwed up few tyms.
even nowadays u've tried harder 2 make things right but still has no luck,
but juz keep on trying bcuz;
"Allah sentiasa bersama orang2 yg bersabar" =]

p/s:jgn sbb stu pintu t'tutop kowg tutop pintu2 laen yg ade.( tenkiu syera ;] )


Monday, May 11, 2009

dh lupe rase bercinta [i]

10th May 2009

dh lupe rase ble pagi2 celik mate de msg dr yg t'syg;

dh lupe rase ble mlm2 b4 lelap mate de msg dr si dia;

dh lupe rase ble yg t'syg pgl;
"sayang.." "manje.." "musyuk.."

dh lupe rase ade perasaan windu yg t'amat sgt kt si dia.

dh lupe rase ble si dia btau;
"sy windu awk sgt3.."

dh lupe rase ble kalut nk b'siap n xtau pe nk pkai sbb nk jumpe yg si dia;
kdg2 g kedai2 bese jew kot..huhu~

dh lupe rase d'pujuk dan memujuk sampai all d'skills
almost gone.. =p

dh lupe rase ble every tym kuar g mane2 sure t'pk;
"nk bli ape ek utk die?

dh lupe rase sonok nk cte kt mbr2 mcm ne die wt kte rse bahagie
n lupe gk rase sedey nk cte kt mbr2 mcm ne die wt kte t'luke.

dh lupe rase gadoh2 over silly o siyes stuff.

dh lupe rase ble jeles tgk die gn pompuan len =(

dh lupe rase ble ngah hepi2 o sdey2 straight away call him;
"awk2..tau x td kn.."

dh lupe rase ble si dia kate;
"awk..sy sayang awk sgt3.."
n he mean it =]

dh lupe rase when he confess;
"u r everythin 2 me.."

dh lupe jugak rase secure in every second of life dat
u're havin sum1 like him dat can look afta u n care a lot bout u =]

dh lupe rse sume 2 sbb dh lame xrse...