Thursday, November 10, 2011

. Forgive & Forget . Revenge & Regret .

"I'm a girl. But when screw things up, I take it like a man! But you are dude lah weyh. Don't you have a sense of responsibility towards your own mistake? C'mon lah?
Go cut your balls off lah weyh!"

Forgive & forget?
Macam xpuas je? Revenge sounds far more interesting, isn't it? But sooner or later confirm akan regret! Bukan xsampai hati. Risau benda akan jd lg meleret. Makin ramai org yg akan terheret. Infact, ASSHOLE like you buang karan je maki hamun.

So, no need for revenge lah.

And there's a quote i read somewhere on net, saying;

Just sit back & wait.
Those who hurt you
will eventually screw up THEMSELVES!
And if you're lucky enough,
God will let you WATCH

naisssssssss! ^ ^

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