Friday, November 27, 2009

a little appreciation.

"do learn how 2 appreciate those around u cuz u'll never knew dat u might lose them,again."

ble kte cube suara kn pe yg kte rse, owg kate kte MENGUNGKIT. tp ble kte diam, owg tend 2 do sesuke hati sampai kte yg mkn ati,AGAIN. slagi leh b'tahan mayb kte akan cube b'tahan. SABAR. dat's d'key of everythin.

but d'truth is, we r juz human being wif feelings n emotions n limitations. kte cube utk phm n b'sabar dgn certain owg or condition. tp kte sendri xleh nk predict sampai ble or sampai mane tahap kesabaran yg kte ade. ble kte dh xmampu utk b'tahan,kdg2 kte t'pakse blah. eventhough dis thing keep going on n on, i mean d'part when we left n come back,we left again then come back again,but at one point who knew we might COMPLETELY LEAVING n never came back? n mane tau 'pemergian' kte 2 bkn bwh kawalan kte sendiri? mati is obviously luar kawalan kte. but what bout Allah uses his power to give us FULL STRENGHT TO LEAVE? do u think dat's impossible?

Allah 2 Maha Hebat. benda yg kte rse xmungkin jd leh jd, n benda yg mungkin jd leh xjd. kte manusia nih juz hamba Dia yg diturunkan kt muka bumi nih utk beribadat n obey 2 Him. n whether we realize or not, each n every1 of us diberi SATU TANGGUNGJAWAB utk kte lakukan besides beribadat. have u recognized urs? i've already recognized mine. siyesly i do. dat's y i'm trying ma very besh to hang tough cuz who am i 2 refuse d'TASK dat given 2 me by even i think i'm not strong enuf 4 dis kind of responsibility, but hey..He knew me better, isn't He? dat's y when everytym i pray, i say dat i redha wif wuteva task He sign me in, but wut i wish is dat atleast He gives me a little bit of strenght n guidance 4 me 2 carry dis responsibility.

in doing anythin, kte kdg2 xmintak ape2 balasan pon especially when it comes 2 fwenship. but how pleasant a fwenship would b if a little appreciation is there by atleast not hurting us as their fwen if they can't put d'smile on our face or make us happy. is dat 2 much 2 ask? i know it's difficult n impossible 2 satisfy every single fwens dat we have, but if owg 2 leh try phm u n understand u, y not u try 2 do d'same? esp those yg struggle 2 stay wif u cuz they know how much u need them whenever u want them 2 b.

it takes two 2 tango. but when one of them is off tune, the dancing would b a disaster. but if both of d'dancers learn 2 understand each other rhythm, d'dancing would slowly improve..