Monday, December 19, 2016


I'm so happy to share this with you! Isn't it amazing? 

Sue Besh

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

moh singgah?

I guess there's no better way to end the year of 2012 than this, aite?

moh singgah? ;]


Monday, January 2, 2012

Dear 2012,

No matter what would you serve me on the plate,

I'm gonna pray hard and keep hoping that 

I'm strong enough to face them all.

I'm a fighter.

I fight in my own terms.

And to all dear friends plz jgn risau k?

Sebab I kan owez kuat! ;D

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I need a vacation right now.
I need pantai, laut, ombak & angin sepoi2.

I want a chalet yg betol2 tepi pantai.
Pagi2 bangun boleh duduk tepi pantai.
Tgk laut..dgr ombak..rase angin.
Rase tenang je.. :]

I'm happy with my life right now.
Sooooo happy.
It's just that..hmm...

Kadang2 the more we hate something, the more we become just like it.
So pethetic isn't it?

I need some times & spaces.
I need to figure something out.
I need to figure myself out.

*konflik dalam diri*

Friday, November 25, 2011

second chance.


Everybody deserve a second chance,
but not everyone gets it.
So when u got one, don't screw it!

People do make mistakes,
but they never make the same mistake twice
because the 2nd one is a choice!
So, the moment u're considering on redoing the mistake,
take a deep breath and think again,
What have u been through on ur way to reach where u are right now!!!??

When u're asking Allah for strength,
He won't give u 'the strength',
instead He'll give u the obstacles to make u stronger!

When u just got ur second chance and u're about to make the same mistake for the second time, please consider urself lucky 4 realizing that Allah is 'triggering' ur strenght!

 And feel free to call urself a total idiot if u fell into the 'trap', again! 


Sunday, November 20, 2011

rahsia kita berdua ;]

Tiap kali awk buat saye tersenyum, saye teringin sgt nk jerit bg satu dunia tau ape benda yg awk wt kt saye sampai saye xleh berenti senyum! :D

Saye bukan nak show off, tapi just nak express betape seronok n special nye saye rase mase tu :]

Lagipon, kan blog saye ni ruang untuk hati saye berkata-kata? ;]

Tapi, bila fikir2 balik..xpelah awk. Biar ape yg jadi between both of us become our little secret, k? :]

Those yg knal saye sure tau how much I love talking psl org yg saye suke. Apetah lagi psl org yg saye sayang :]

Tapi, psl awk biarlah saye simpan sorang2 :] If sume benda psl kite saye nak share gn sume org, what's left for us, kan? ;]

Sure org akan ckp "poyo gile nak cerita2 or sorok2 psl bf ko?ko ingat org nk hadap sgt ke tau psl korg?korg igt korg retisss?" hehe.. ;p

I've watched enough n I've learnt. The more we expose ourselves or our relationship 2 d public 4 whatever reason, makin byk risiko yg kite kne hadap. Nak2 pulak bila ade juri-juri yg xbpe nk profesional baek hati nak judge psl kite n relationship kite ;]

Lain org lain personaliti. Lain org lain cara pembawakan diri. Sebab tu lain org lain cara bercinta n lain cara dia handle relationship. So, people have no right no decide how should we live our life b'cuz they ain't feel our pain, aite? ;]

Recently, I did watched this one video made by this one famous blogger. In that video, he did expressed his disapproval on some lovey-dovey-not-making-sense love songs. Something like 'akan ku redah lautan api' kinda song lahh ;p But as for me, that song is made for those who are in love. Org tgh bercinta sronok2, xkan nak dgr lagu sedih2, ye x? Org tgh mabuk2 cinta xkan nak dgr lagu psl bf/gf curang, ye x? it's killing the mood man! Mcm org tgh mkn raspberry cotton candy lah, xkan nak rase peria kot, kan? ;p

But I believe that blogger has his own point of view and reason 4 saying that. Same goes to people who are in love and decided to be in love lah. They know it's risky but they just do it anyway ;]

And sure de gak org akan ckp "Eleh..tgh syok bercinta boleh lah ckp u're my everything lah, I cannot live w/o u lah. Try tgk time gado2 or break nanti? Berbakul2 ko kutuk dia ko maki2 dia. Ye x?"

Yes, indeed. No denial ;] And missy, it's called 'enjoying the moment'. Kite ckp ape yg kite rase time tu. Dia buat kita happy, xkan nak marah2 lak? And if dia buat taik kt kite, xkan nak puji2 lak, ye x? ;] What for nak hold things back? Life is short. Selagi kite boleh rase happy, please enjoying d moment sbb kita xkan tau bila lak kite nk nangis, kan? ;]

Cuma, if kite rase kite x comfortable nak share everything with everyone even atas dasar 'expressing our feeling', cukuplah kite keep it to ourselves sbb lumrah manusia, they are very judgmental ;]