Saturday, February 19, 2011

hati TAK berkata-kata

omg!it has been a while,isn't it? ;D

dah lame 'hati TAK berkata-kata'..hehe!

actually, there's so much stuff that i would like 2 share,

yet the aura of laziness is all over me..huhu!

but right now i feel like writing. so let's begin? ;]

1st thing 1st; CAREER TALK.
i'm on my practical training for 3 n a half month.
i'm majoring in PUBLIC RELATIONS but basically right now i'm doing almost everything, such as news writing, publishing, event management, administration thingy, n all that.
but from what i can see what i'm doing is more on JOURNALISM.
still, i'm having fun doing my internship over there! :D
the people are quite nice n fun (so far).
n it's probably less pressure compare 2 private company (mine is semi-gov),
still, i'm trying my very best 2 gain as much experience as possible ;]
but the question is;is JOURNALISM really suits me?how bout PR?can i really keep up with the chaos of the job n my family n my life?
i wonder....

since i'm in the middle of 1 rite now it becomes one of my biggest concern.
we both are not that far far away from each other.
i'm in Bangi while he's in Seremban.
but we rarely meet because of transportation+financial+family commitments constrains.
it's quite a struggle y'know?
in any relationship especially a long distance require lots n lots n lots of TRUST!
u'll definitely failed if u lack of it!
because u only have him 2 tell u everything,whether truth or lie.
besides that, from most of my reading on this matter, they keep on mentioning on CONSTANT COMMUNICATION and VARIATION OF INTERACTION.
n 1 thing 4 sure,DON'T DON'T n DON'T EVER ASSUME!
a friend of mine once said 2 me "setan kan suke jentik hati kite."
"but we always have ALLAH on our side." :]
in everything we do let's just try our very best because ALLAH MAHA ADIL n MAHA MENGETAHUI.
if our partner or could be ourselves are doing 'something' on the side,
eventually the truth will come out, INSYALLAH.. :]

2 be honest,
me myself are still struggling 2 handle my relationship with my bf.
because; I AM A MESS!
i got few issues with myself that i MUST counter them quick!
n it's quite a challenge 4 him 2 deal with me.
so i'm so hoping that he could hang tough while i'm trying.
please eh,sayang? ;]

well,i think that's all 4 now.
or else this entry won't reach an end.hehe!
until then! ;]


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