Saturday, June 11, 2011

wheel of life.

Alhamdulillah.. :]

For the past 8 months my life could never been any happier.

I have great friends around me.

I have super awesome boyfriend by my side.

I have incredible family with me.

I went to all 3 job interviews and I got accepted to all of them! :D

It looks like the luck is on my side this time n at this moment I'm at the top of the wheel of life.


But let's do some reality check, shall we?

Obviously there's up n down in life.

After all the struggles that I'd been through especially for the past 3 years, the sweetness that I'm having right now is so INCREDIBLY AWESOME! :D

Somehow it's like too good to be true :]

I'm so grateful with what I have right now. Totally grateful!

But i did heard and read somewhere on this one hadith that says something like "When Allah gives us almost everything, it means He's being cruel to us because people tend to ignore Him whenever they feel too comfortable n surrounded by too many happiness."

Auchh... :( That's a wake up call from this beautiful dream I guess? Belum terambat lagi kot kan? :(

Another thing..

It's not like I'm asking for it but sometimes I wonder when would I FALL again?

Based on my previous experience with my very own life, whenever I fall I'll fall HARD.

Honestly, I can't imagine myself being in that same situation again. I really can't.

I'm afraid that the next time I'll fall I won't be able to get up anymore. Seriously.

Back then I used to do some stuff that I'm totally not proud of.

And I'm afraid that KARMA would hit me anytime soon.

Everyone knows when 'SHE' hits u, she'll hit u HARD cause KARMA is a real Y'KNOW WHAT!

I'm not so sure whether I've prepared myself to fall again or not. I don't know.

I wish I don't have to go through the same phase of life anymore.

But hey, we're talking about the REALITY OF LIFE here, aren't we?

Sooner or later THE REALITY would stop by and says hello.

And during that time it's obvious that the wheel of life has turn upside down and I would no longer be at the top of it I guess. Auchhh... :(

I definitely can't avoid it to happen but all i can do is to 'STAY ALIVE'.

I hope during that moment Allah would give THE MOST POWERFUL STRENGTH He could ever gave me for me to be able to survive all the difficulties and hurdles, AGAIN.

I know that I'm not that good enough as His servant to ask for things like that :(

But I'm still hoping that Allah would hear my pray.

I'm still struggling to be a good servant of Him. Long way to go but I'm still trying.

For now I'll try my best to cherish every single things that's happening in my life right now and just be prepared mentally+emotionally+physically on what may come afterwards.

With everything that I have right now, I hope I can find the balance in them.



  1. Wow. Happy nya. Congrats!Bila nth nk lepakss and share story :)

  2. alhamdulillah happy sgt :D thanx cik gule2 getah strawberry ;] rse2 cm knal je cik stoberi ni ;]