Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ur ex is ur fwen?

ur ex is ur fwen?
have u eva think of dat?
or u'r involve in one?
do u think it's wrong 2 b fwen wif ur ex?
n wut if ur bf's fwen is one of his ex?
can u live wif dat?

Familiar dialogues;
"dh break 2 dh ah,wtpe nk kwn2 agi.."
"hish!gle pe nk bg bf akuh kwn gn ex die?kalo dowg b'chenta lik cmne?!!"

dh name pon nih tmpt biarhatiberkatakata,
so as 4 me b'kwn gn ex xde slh nyew n letting our partners b'kwn gn ex die pon xde slh,
all u need is GUTS n TRUST!

1st of all meh ckp psl kte sndri yg b'kwn gn ex,
honestly mmg ssh,
obviously kte n die de history,
we both share sweet memories 2gther,
tipu lah xrse pe2 ble ur ex cte psl die nyew current life wif his new gf kn?
n kte xleh nk slhkn die sbb dat's wut fwens do rite?
share stories?
n mayb he hurts as we did if kte cte psl life kte gn our bf..mayb ah kn..o mayb die xrse pe2?
n dat's d'biggest challenge of being fwen wif ur ex,
kdg2 ble die cte psl how sweet they are good he treats her..
again..kte xleh nk blame die sbb die juz nk b'cte+b'kongsi d'excitment..dh kate member?
eventhough it hurts u..sumtyms like hell..but we shud b hepi 4 them rite?
die hepi gn life die,
bt u cant lie when there's a part of urself wondering.."asl die x treat akuh cm 2 ek dlu?"
i used 2 ask 1 of ma ex bout dat y'knw?
n he said,"Ppl change n they gettin matured as d'tym goes by.mayb bnd2 yg lps wt i rse i xmau wt kt owg laen dh.I tau u saket tym kte 2gther dlu bcuz on how i treated u,so i xmau wt owg len rse bnd yg sme.."
uish..x mcm kne panah petir lak rse nyew?huhu~
then i asked him..was i like sum sort of experimantal stuff 4 u?
n his answer xtau ah nk bg sdp ati o wut but it makes sense,
" is all about experiment..u xcube u xkn tau..tol x?"
(wut do u think?make sense rite?)'s all about niat n keyakinan u terhadap diri u sndri snanyew,
if u rse u n die xleh nk b'kwn cuz u'll ruin his@ur rltnshp o u'll hurting ursef by doing it..then dun do it..

now lets talk about ur bf's fwen is his ex,
siyesly ssh gle nk jmpe gf@bf yg leh trime partners dowg wt cm 2,
mane x yg kte sme tau ble dh b'kwn 2 sure akan b'jmpe kn?
ble dh jmpe 2 sure akan b'sembg kn?
ble dh b'sembg 2 xkn ah cte bnd yg skrg jew kn?
sure de ckp psl bnd2 lps..kngn2 lps..tol x?
n sumtyms bnd 2 ah yg akan trigger lik perasaan lme 2,
'sayang' bkn leh ilang in a blink,
sure de cebisan2 yg tgl..tol x?
n sbb 2 ah wmai owg ssh sgt nk trime partner dowg kwn gn ex..

if kte b'ckp tanpe bukti o pglmn..ayat yg sumpah familiar gle akan ke udare,
"ko ckp sng ah weyh bkn ko yg rse~"
bkn nk bkk pekung d'dada but here's d'truth,
i still bkn gn most of ma ex,
still b'jmpe..b'msg..b'sembg dlm fon,
n yup i admit kdg2 tym sembg 2 de bkk cte psl bnd2 lps,
ala..pglmn idop..
kdg2 2 ble pk lik klaka pon de..huk3~
kdg2 dr bnd 2 yg kte cte 2 ah kte leh analyse slh kte n die pon leh analyse slh die n msing2 improve diri msing2,
n i tell u wut?
it works! =]
think about dis k?
kte gn die start as kwn..
tym couple pon kte b'kwn..
n ble b'kwn 2 of cos ah de bnd yg kte selese gn die yg wt kte nk kwn dgn die..tol x?
cthnyew..u selesa b'sembg gn die,
de yg u dpt from him bout life evytym kowg b'sembg,
so xslh rse nyew if u guys keep in touch..?
tp if nk gain trust partner kowg..introduce ah,
juz like u did 2 other fwens of urs..sure ur lovernk knal gn spe kowg bkwn..

de few cases yg menarik utk d'fikirkn;
1.Dis 2 guys,sowg dh almost 5 yrs 2gther gn his gf n another one almost 2 yrs n both of
them still intouch wif most of their ex.
2.Dis one guy,almost 3@4 yrs on off wif his gf,n within d'off periods he'll involve wif other gal n
he'll leave d'gal everytym his ex wants him back.
3.Dis one gal,his bf forbidden her from intouch wif her she secretly contact dat guy.
4.Dis one guy,sgt rapat gn dis one gal n they bcum close fwens 4 2yrs plus.he lend his shoulder
4 d'gal evytym dat gal ngadu psl her bf.ble dowg dh break up about 5months,dat guy n d'gal
dcided 2 b 2gther.xsmpai 2 months 2ghtr,dat gal dcide nk break sbb she juz met her ex n then
she realized dat she still in luv wif him..

byk jew case2 yg len yg melibatkn ex nih,
certain2 2 kte x pnh t'pk pon bnd cm 2 leh jd,
from wut i can conclude ere is sme bnd nih b'gantung pd individu 2 sndri,
kte xleh nk kate..kalo jmpe ex mesti dowg akan fall into each other lik..n kalo xjmpe kowg akan kekal smpai ble2,
kowg knal partner kowg msing2 n kowg knal dri kowg sndri,
if kowg rse die jns yg can b trusted+loyal..rse nyew xslh bg dowg b'kwn gn spe2 pon,
kalo bnd nk jd..kowg cntrl mcm mane pon akan jd..
mayb kalo cegah 2 agi bgus kn?
tp if die wt blkg kowg?
which one do u prefer?
agipon nih slh stu cara yg leh prove kn yg dowg tol2 syg kowg n xksh ah b'tape precious nyew kngn dowg gn their ex..dowg still pilih kowg sbb kowg much more precious than anythn else in dis world..tol x?
dat's y kowg kne treat them gud..extremely gud,
sum1yg mmg bgus dh de dpn mate xkn ah dowg nk cri yg len lak..

p/s:len owg len prinsip idop n perspective on everythin.
so sme owg de hak msing2 utk decide wut's besh 4 their lives =]



  1. well..
    and friendship is
    pretty much a simple thing.
    know your boundaries and limits..


  2. erk,simple things?i wish they r =/