Thursday, December 11, 2008

Langkah Pertama..

Another year that will reach an end,
Dh nk nmpk dh kelibat 2009,
Rse cm jap sgt kn?
And I think it's tym 4 me 2 begin ma 1st step,
Langkah pertama yg m'biarkan hati berkata-kata dgn sepenuhnyew,
And of course here n there akan nmpk a bit jiwunk n wut so eva,
but hey?
Ask ursef,
Each and evyone of us must have 'another self',
kn? =]

Let's sum up evythin that i've been thru all dis year,
From family+fwenships+relationships+studies+masef,
Urm..xsume menarik rsenyew,
T'lampau byk bnd yg jd smpai at one point rse cm xmau idop dh,
Here n there yg contribute 2 much on the wounded heart,
xkire ah luka lame ke..luka baru ke..still...saket..hmm...
Kdg2 diri sndri yg cri nahas,
Luka lame 2 dh nk ok,
Then gn sesuke ati nyew g cri pisau lipat g toreh2 balek,
Bodoh kn?
Tp kdg2 certain bnd 2 worth-suffer,
Tp tym saket 2 mmg xhengat ah,
Tym 2 ah nk kne ssh kn owg len dgr cte ati yg kdg2 2 ntah pe2.
And bcuz of stuff like dis..i luv telling masef dat "ma life is sux!i hate masef!"

Talkin about sux life n stuff,
I've a fwen dat luvs 2 ask me n ma other fwens dis question..
"If kowg d'bg stu pluang utk balek ke stu mse lampau kowg n start ur life all over again fom dat particular tym..which tym would dat b?"
As far as i 1st asnwr is i wanna proceed wif wut i've rite now,
D'2nd tym she asked i cant really rmbr wut's ma asnwr was,
but now i thk i know..
Rse nk start Form1 kot,
I realized dat i've changed a lot n i hate those changes,
I screwed up few tyms,
And i wish there's ere n thr yg i nk fix,

Erm..skula menengah is mse nk start knal dunia rsenyew,
I met few ppl..i tried nu stuff,
If nk timbg wut i did rite n wut i did wrong tym skula dlu rsenyew berat kt wut i did wrong kot,
Kdg2 t'pk..asl ah bodo ngat g wt bnd2 cm 2?
Nak kate nyesal pon de..hmm..
Tp ble pk lik..bnd2 yg slh 2 ah yg guide me 2 do thgs rite now nih,
But de certain2 bnd 2 still gn bodo nyew wt smpai skrg,
Ble nk pandai2 nih~

No matter wut it is i've 2 face d'fact dat there's no such thg nk turn back tym n wut so eva,
Pe yg de now nih i've 2 proceed,
Kne tanggung sndri concequences of ma own
And at d'end kte akan sedar stu bnd,
Yg family n fwens sgt2 pntg in helping us going thru dis challenging a.k.a sux life~
Tenkiu sgt 2 kwn2 n fams =]

counting d'dayhs 2 2009~
hopin 4 d'very beSh ;]



  1. urm..ssh nk ckp..but bad enuf 2 change ma life n even ma self-confident..=/

  2. selamat datang ke dunia blogging.

    biarkan hati kamu bkata dgn sejujur2 dan sbenar2 nya dlm ruangan ini.

  3. hye sushie..
    waa..sushi da ader blog la..

  4. hehe..bru nk start..n thanx 4 being d'follower yan =]

  5. hehe..
    ko wat tym skul dlu??
    aku tau x?