Monday, December 22, 2008

can i tell u dat i mish u?

it's 1 am in d'morning,
n i'm still awake,
i juz turned off ma tv last few minutes afta watching 'how i met ur mother' n d'most important one..
it's grey's anatomy y'alls~ =]
i juz started being a follower since d'last 3 episodes,
mayb cm soooooooooooo ketinggalan sbb bru nk ske dis show but so wut?huu~
actly i'm not into 'heavy' tv shows y'know,
i dun really like ER,
i used 2 watch it couples of tym..but..dat was it i guess?
until i found grey's anatomy,
i think dat show has all d'elements...i mean d'humor+some facts ere n thr+love issues,
but d'part dat i cant really stand is d'merging of knife+skin..wuhuuu~(eyes close plish!!)
but hey..dr sloan n dr sherpard r kinda hot aren't they? ;p (knife plish~i would like 2 remove ma heart so dat ma heartbeat won't b detected!) ;p

ble kte sunyi..all d'unwanted feelings unwelcomely come,
in dis case no one shud b blamed,
except 4 d'heart..kot?
bcuz d'heart is d'only thg dat leads 2 our certain inappropriate behaviors,
ikot kate hati jew pon bahye gk,
pnah x evytym kte plan 2 tell sum1 yg kte mish die kte t'pk d'concequences?
how would he/she react?
is he/she has d'same feelin as we do?
will dat 'i mish u' dat come from us affect him/her?
will it affect u afta u saying it?
how about other ppl who attached 2 him/her?
will it affect their bond?

dat is y bkn sng2 kte leh btau sum1 2 yg kte mish die,
even we mish him/her like no one can eva mish them like we do,
it's kinda painful y'know by keeping d'mish feelin 2 ursef,
rse mcm d'more u keep it d'more u bleed,
but..enuf wif u ursef yg hurt,
dun let others hurt,
u tau saket die cmne rite?
so better jgn biakn owg len saket cm u saket cuz they may not b able 2 handle d'pain as much as u did..rite?

p/s:kata-kata yg paling jujur adalah kata-kata dr jgn biar hati kuasai diri..


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