Tuesday, February 24, 2009

m'cube utk b'diri kembali

akuh tau bkn sng,
tp akuh kne cube..

akuh xtau pe yg akuh rse snanyew,
tgk sme bnd rse saket,
tp it's crystal clear bkn 2 yg akuh nk..kn?
tp still rse saket..
but i'll try 2 get over it nway..

i curse a lot lately,
i know it's not a gud thing 2 do,
i'm not proud of it,
sumtyms it juz feels gud when u do it y'know?
ma eldest tegor..
die ckp kalo istighfar i'll feel mucccccch more better,
n yeah..she's rite..
i'm trying ma very besh 2 get rid of dat nu bad habit,
tlg eh? =(

i'm addicted 2 sumthin since last month,
4 real!
i thot it juz...i dunno..
but 4 real..i'm addicted 2 it!
again..i dunno..
i'm so worry if dat addiction will drag me 2 sum other thing..
dat even worse..
shud i blame sum1 bcuz of it?
mayb i shudn't..kn?
salah sndri kot..
but sure de cure kn?
tlg eh? =(

in ma condition rite now sumtyms i can't think wisely,
sumtyms i can't even think!
i feel so distracted..
mayb i shud stop driving 4 a while cuz lately byk kali dh nk accident..
wut is wrong wif me?!!
is it dat bad?

2 ppl out there..
dis is wut u get when u let ur heart wins!
bullshit kn? (allowed me 2 do it 4 d'last tym)

i'm trying 2 pick up d'pieces..
i'm trying 2 move on..
i'm trying 2 gain all ma strenghts..
i'm trying 2 get over ma weakness..

dear all fwenS of mine..
y'know dat i'm phethatically weak rite?
help me up..
i need u guys on dis..
i really do..



  1. she.
    tamau bullshit dah pasni.
    ko cakap da taknak mencarut.


  2. huhu~

    astaghfirullahhalazim.. =]