Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's Almost Over

As I’m sitting all by masef at d’end of ma loft, I start 2 realize sumthin..It’s almost over.It’s already February 7th 2009.i’m counting d’dayh 2 ma graduation dayh. InsyaAllah by dis April technically I’ll be finished ma diploma. Wow..feels like I juz turned 18 n within few weeks I’m turning 21? Seems like I stay in Malacca for almost 3 yrs! Urm..everythin juz happened in a blink, aren’t they?

I could feel d’difference wif dis semester. I only have class on Thursday n Friday. I kinda mish 2 get up early in d’morning 2 go 2 class. I mish 2 make masef a mug of Nescafe o Vico o anything as ma breakfast. I mish 2 rush 2 class cuz I get up late. I mish 2 attend ‘3 hours straight boring class’ everyday. I mish ma kecoh2 classmates! All d’yelling n screaming n d’annoying2 thingy..huhu! but Gosh, I mish all of dat! In short, I mish d’chaos of ma life as a student. I know I’m gonna hate it when I’m in d’middle of it but when it isn’t there, only God knows how much i mish 2 b part of it, again..

X semestinyew stu bnd yg kte ske 2 bnd2 len yg jd dlm die kte ske..tol x? Honestly, I luv being d’assistant of classrep. I luv all d’managing2 stuff dat going in it. D’experience of assisting arm 4 one sem n another 3 sems wif areyol was great! I know sumtyms I get a lil bossy..huhu! but I’m juz doing ma job, kn class?huk3~ yg plg ssh ble nk dpt cooperation from all d’classmates. Hanye Tuhan jew ah yg tau betape azab nyew. Esp when it cums 2 mintak duet. Sensitive issue, isn’t it? Len owg len prangai len kehendak len keinginan. Ssh nk ikot pale sume owg. Sumtyms I need 2 use inappropriate tones 2 ‘earn’ a decision. Aduhai classmates ku..sowi ek if de yg trase ati? But afta all d’difficulties n stuff, we all managed 2 earn few sweet moments 4 our class, aren’t we? =] remember sagil? N then Seoul’s Garden? Then PD trip! Xkre agi fescomm n activity2 len. Such an awesome experience! Thanx a lot guys~ really appreciate it =]

Talking bout d’course dat I’m taking rite now, d’decision 2 choose masscom is bcuz of ma mom. B4 dat I was still searching 4 d’path of life dat can suit me..suit ma interest. N of cos bkn science stream. Tolak m3x gopeng for masscom. Well, mayb dh takdir, mama met dis one person tym ngah wt haji wic was a yr b4 I need 2 fill in ma upu form. Dat person is also in masscom line. She told mama all about her job n right away mama rse ‘dis is d’path dat suit ma daughter!’ So, here I am =] n insyaAllah I’ll becoming a one successful PR. Doakan eh? =]

I’ll never regret 2 b here in Uitm Malacca Campus. New place new life. Rse nyew if x studi cni cm xkan knal melake kot..huhu! N thanx a lot 2 mia sbb she’s responsible 2 bring me into ‘tour 2 Melaka’ 4 d’past 2 n a half yrs. Die gk ah yg b’tgjwb m’introduce ‘dunia’ overnyte 2 me.ngee~ it was fun mia. So much fun =] another thing, fyi..mia is a fwenship cupid! Huhu! I called her so cuz I became close 2 anis+syera+hetti+ajenie let juz say b’cuz of her. Bak kate syera, “kitorg m’besar dlm kete mia”. When she decided 2 bring all of us jln2, tym 2 kitorg sume get 2 know each other n getting closer. Menarik kn? Terima kasih damia =]

Let’s juz say all ma fwens adalah antara reason y I could survive til 2day. Life isn’t dat easy, y’know dat rite? Mcm2 bnd kne face, mcm2 sonok rse, mcm2 saket kne trime, n at d’end kwn2 ah yg de gn kte. I can’t imagine ma life without them. Ble gado gn bf pon mbr yg kte cri. Ble gado gn mbr pon mbr gk yg kte cri. So there’s no xcuse npe idop kte nih xperlu de kwn. Rite? Dlm tempoh 2 taon lbey blaja kt melake nih, I wasn’t juz learn about COM361 o JRN221 o PRO231 semate2. I learn about life. Kwn2 yg byk teach me bout life. Whether it’s a gud thing 2 learn o not, whether it’s in a gud way of learning o not, they are lessons 2 b learn. We’r big enuf 2 decide wut’s gud n wut’s not 4 our lives. Byk sgt nk mention pe yg I’ve learn spjg kt melake nih n from who I learn. U guys know who u r, wut hav u done 2 me as well as 2 ma life whether in a gud way o not. D’process of learning must b harmful but it could b o will b useful 4 us in get thru dis challenges life in d’future. Terima kaseh kawan2 ku atas sume2 nyew =]

*I realize dat I have one great journey of life dat I want 2 share it wif sum1 special. But 4 now, I haven’t found him yet. Or he hasn’t found me? Urm..some said d’dayh will come. So marilah kte tunggu,ok?ngee~



  1. alhamdulillah..
    teruskan usaha yeah.

  2. waa... rindu..... bosan sekarang.... I want my busy life back :((

  3. ahaha.
    aku rindu nak penen pale fkir nak buat asgmnt cane.
    aku rindu nak pg clas.
    aku rindu nak berdiscussion.
    aku rindu nak lepak library smpai lewat malam.
    aku rindu nak rush2 pg clas sbb siap lambat.
    aku rindu nak migrain utk fkir sume keje.
    aku rindu nak gado2 dlm grup.
    sume aku rindu wei.

    kita mmg tak pernah nak bsyukur kan?

    sumpah rindu all that stuffs!