Wednesday, February 18, 2009

lesson dat i've learnt.

Dear fwen,
1st of all i would like 2 apolagize if afta all dis while i didn't realize wut kind of mistake i did 2u,
D'other day i sat n talked wif close fwen of mine,
Few topics came out from dat conversation,
One of it was about 'saying no' 2 ppl,
Thru ma observation n ma personal experience,
Certain thing it's better 4 us 2 say no dlm keadaan yg xsiyes,
4 example;joking,
it doesnt mean kte make fun of dat thing,
it's juz dat kte xmau create an awkward c2ation o feelin afta talking about dat stuff,
but dat fwen of mine told me sumthin dat i juz know,
bkn sume bnd leh wt cm 2,
especially 2 a guy..

he was given me dis one analogy;
There's a married couple.D'wife really3 wanna have kids.But d'husband really3 dun wanna have d'early marriage mmg both of them agree not 2 have kids.But afta few years d'wife asked,"Sayang..let's have kids nk?"n d'husband joking psl dat kids issue 2 distract d'wife.Wut would d'wife feel?Dia sgt3 nk have babies n sgt3 b'sedia+siyes ke arah e2,tp her hubby cm's a siyes matter n u make fun of it?Isn't it suppose 2 sound sumthin like,"Sayang..I'm sowi but i really dun want kids." When u dun want then said u dun want.So d'wife will get d'exact point yg her husband mmg xmau kids.It might feel bad 4 d'wife in any ways pon sbb d'answer is still no but by choosing d'straight 2 d'point way d'wife will catch d'point easily n it shows dat her husband take dat matter siyesly.

In short,
In anythin yg u rse siyes matter n required siyes answer,
Jwb straight!
Joking bout it is totally not d'beSh thing 2 do,
I've learnt ma lesson..

n hey,
if wut i did 2 u previously hurting u,
if dat wut makes wut now,
i'm truly sowi,
we never had a siyes discussion bout dis,
but I do have ma own reasons y it's a no,
i do..



  1. relax arr shi... kita semua ni manusia.. ciptaaan allah swt yang semprna.... tapi sifat kiat tak sempurna..

  2. bkn shud b ble kte xsempurna,owg len pon xsempurna,then both shud b 2gether 2 complete each other ke?hm..

  3. kite same2 belajar dr kesilapan masing2.