Monday, April 26, 2010

i guess dat's it kot.thanx tau? :]

dear u,

i dunno how 2 put dis but;


i really mean it.

i'm truly sowi if dis is how things should end.
probably dis is d'besh way 4 us both,
or maybe 4 everybody.

i know i owe u an explanation,
cuz i know dat i'm d'one who 'taught' u about JUSTIFICATION.
but i dunno how 2 voice it out,
cuz i realized dat in some cases justification would only make things worse.
so i think it's better 4 us 2 leave things dis way..

2 tell u d'truth,
'walking' on d'same 'path' r not dat fun,ok!
'singing' d'same 'love songs' also not dat interesting!
so i'm not so sure why Allah gave me dis 'opportunity'.
but i hope dat we both would learn sumthin from dis.

sometimes i wish we had more tym.
cuz d'more tym we have d'more memories we'll share.
d'more memories we share d'more 'damage' it would cause.
everythin comes with a 'price tag',kan?

but it's ok.
u had given me enough :]
u had 'convinced' me dat..
there's still sum1 out there dat capable 2 make me smile juz like how i used 2!
infact,even better!
juz d'thought of u can make me smile!
how's dat? ;]

i can't believe dat i finally 'found' YOU!
juz like everythin dat i've been dreaming about all dis while!
but then..
i can't have u.. :(
"kdg2 yg t'baek d'mata kte x semestinye t'baek utk kte.."
so,live wif dat.

dis piece of appreciation is especially 4 u.
i dun think dat u would realize d'existance of it.
but it's ok.
i still feel dat i'm lucky enuf 2 linger in ur life even 4 short while.

u r a very nice guy tau?
very nice guy.
so juz stay dat way,ok?

besh of luck wif wuteva u'll do in ur life.
halalkan everythin,k?
n do take care.